FAQs in UK

1. Can IELTS be waived to get admission to the University ?

Though IELTS can be waived sometimes by the university if the year 12 English language score is more than 70% it is better to do a language proficiency test like IELTS or PTE as the top end universities would want these scores. In some cases the university may have their own test. Eg: ARU and DMU

2. Do I need GMAT for a Master’s programme in the UK?

Generally, Master’s Courses in the UK do not require a GMAT with an exception of a Master’s in Finance in a few universities like Lancaster, LSE etc.

3. Can my Visa be extended?

By completion of the course if a student is able to find a job with an annual package of 21,000 pounds per annum from a company listed in the UKVI website then the Visa can be extended. Students doing a PhD get 1 year extension or starting a business can also extend their visas Tier 1.

4. Should I choose a university based on ranking alone or are there other ways to choose?

Choice of a university should ideally be based on the course modules that suit ones interest.Rankings can be a guideline as the parameters in different ranking lists vary.

5. Can I work part time while studying? How much will I be paid?

Full time international students are allowed to work 20 hours part time during the term period and 40 hours or full time during vacations.On an average a student is paid a minimum of 7-10 pounds per hour.