IELTS Essay Sample (Writing Task 2) for 7+ Bands: Agree Disagree Essay

Agree-Disagree Essay

(Student who got 8 bands in IELTS writing wrote this)

Some people believe that Government should not spend money on preserving artifacts and museums that display our culture, but rather focus on promoting and enhancing Public services such as transportation, water supply, electricity supply etc.

Do you agree or disagree with the opinion?

Student’s Response:

Public Services are the biggest responsibilities of a government. They are our basic amenities and are indispensable when it comes to maintaining living standards in a nation. Government should undoubtedly spend a big part of its finances on sustaining these. Nonetheless, arts and museums, which are deemed as auseless burden for the governments to maintain, too are an integral part of our country. Therefore, I disagree with the statement that any expenditure on these is redundant.

Firstly, arts and museums depict the culture and history of a nation and symbolize the proud heritage that has been handed down to us over the centuries. Hence, it is our duty to protect any artifacts or museums in our country because these connect us with our glorious past that we so proudly showcase in front of the whole world. Imagine if the government had not maintained Taj Mahal, India would not have enjoyed the popularity and prestige that it does now for being home to one of the most beautiful historical monuments in the world. Moreover, art and culture of a country also boost financial sectors, since they contribute largely to the booming of tourism department. To illustrate, we can look at the example of Rajasthan, which enjoys vast tourism mainly due to it’srich and ethnic art and culture. It is widely popular with foreign tourists, especially its palaces since they depict the authentic and indigenous Indian culture and fashion.

There are a plethora of such examples which can prove what a pivotal role do these places of art, culture,and history have for our country. Therefore, people should not underestimate their worth and should take their proper care.

Total Words: 277

Why she got 8 bands?

Band Description:

This essay is likely to score above 7 bands. Here is detailed band description for the essay:

Scoring Parameters

Task Response
  • Essay addresses each and every part of the question
  • Response is well-developed
  • Gives relevant ideas
  • There is a correct sequence of paragraphing.
  • The ideas, examples and information have been presented logically.
Lexical Range
  • The range of vocabulary is wide with such uncommon words as ‘indispensable’, ‘redundant’, ‘plethora’ etc.
  • Vocabulary has been used correctly and flexibly, conveying the meaning precisely.
  • Collocations have also been used correctly: “useless burden”, “integral part”, “pivotal role” etc.
  • Use of fillers such as moreover, however, nonetheless is also accurate.
  • Grammar is majorly error-free.
  • Majority of the sentences are grammatically correct.
  • Sentences with complex grammar structures have been used.
  • Use of active voice- “Government should definitely……. on sustaining these,” and use of passive voice- “Nonetheless, arts and museums which are deemed……. are an integral part of our country”, is precise
Important Note: This descriptor explanation is written by Marvel Education Group and represent their views.


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