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Masters of International Relation/ International Law
University of Queensland, Australia

Being of Indian heritage means I am at the heart of multiculturalism and social change that many would articulate it to be the fingerprints of Britain today. This is what international relations are capable of doing to the nations on the social level. Other dimensions such as Political, Judicial and economic also share an array where the importance and expansion of International Relations (IR) has been widened. The same humanity has been wounded in the great clash of world wars and the same was saved when the law (United Nations) came into being, and today is the world is talking about much awaited-GLOBAL GOVERNANCE!

The splendor of these entwined human relations is defined by a subject called– International Relations / International Law. This subject has not only captured my interest but also has given me the motivation to route my career through the same.Taking the inspiration from- Legaleye Associates, Daksh Associates., Aeltemesh Rein & Co. etc., I have been working in the direction to work in the area of -international law. I believe equipping myself with the utmost understanding in the same can help me create a niche for myself and this dream of mine can be actualized by equipping myself with an appropriate degree.

My name is (example), B.A. LLB and I have practiced as an Advocate. My professional journey and academic curve gave me the learning of the theories of law, the legal rules and regulations but the practical insight was what I was seeking to have a more realistic approach, during my course while studying international law and conduct of international organizations I developed a deep interest in the same. I am also intrigued by developments in the law and the way that it adapts to an ever-changing society. I could not find a program more suitable than doing International relations. I ultimately intend to work in the area where policy affects the interests of developing/least developed countries and thereby I can empower them to effectively argue in its favor in related international forums. I am proud to say that-I wish to be an international lawyer.

Never in history, came an episode where one does not find a narrative when a law did not affect the international relations. The debate and discussion will continue till the existence of the mankind. I am aware about the human interaction in the social front and on the law curve. I have just studied a fraction about this huge area and I am sure that there is a lot more to explore in the world via this discipline. Moreover, studying this program also makes it my academic progression only.

I was not very keen to pursue this program at India because honestly speaking; I was seeking for a platform which could give me the maximum exposure out of this discipline. The subject of international relations and international law might seem as a theory to some people but in reality it is having some real practical approaches and dynamics as it involves the study of our present and human relations. Indian education system gives the entire emphasis to examinations and mark sheet performance and no weight is given to the learning and class room participation. The social sciences schools in India are facing some serious issues as the knowledge within the books is not actualized and understanding in the subject is completely hindered.To me, International relations and law is a subject which requires scientific unfolding of the course of events and not just about passing the annual examinations.

On the other hand, if I was to consider available options overseas, I was offered maximum exposure and understanding of the discipline under the guidance of professional faculty. The classroom participation, teaching methodologies and intricate style of testing have performed exceptionally in the overseas institutions which have produced some of the greatest minds of this world.
At this point I was decided to find a suitable platform and I start putting in efforts to locate a destination for the same…

Talking about the countries where I could get the maximum exposure in this particular subject, USA, UK and AUSTRALIA were the names which came in my mind. I believe these three countries have changed and influenced, or are in some wayconnected with INDIA. Society is influenced in India from the far west and south and I believe a single political decision goes wide like a ripple and we have learnt so much from these countries. I believe making a choice from these three listed countries would be prudent as far as my subject is concerned. I assessed the profile of USA first which is the most preferred destination for students for overseas education. Delving deep into the facts about this country I came to know that tuition expenditure and living cost is really high there. Moreover, getting the admission into the prestigious universities is really challenging there. UK was my second preference and exploring more about the country and educational system there I came across a very new-fangled detail that UK masters degrees are facing recognition issues in the hands of AIU (Association of Indian Universities), thus I went towards exploring about the final option which was AUSTRALIA.

Australia is a country, which experienced the same colonial history and today, is the member of commonwealth like India. Both the countries have a democracy which is working on the populist nod and apart from that Cricket, Curry and Commerce have united the bond in between to celebrate.

Talking about educational achievements, Australia has produced many learned personalities and thinkers in the history. Even though Australia has a small population; it has a comparatively large figure of world-class universities. With a strong framework of recognized credentials and a standing for teaching and research, an Australian degree turns out to be exceedingly portable around the globe. ESOS Act, cultural mix, affordability, academic fit etc were such parameters which got tested before reaching a decision. Moreover, the educational recognition factor helped me to reach my decision even faster.

Choosing a university from the list of universities at Australia was definitely not an easy task. Each university had one or other unique special point. Choosing a course provider at Australia was the next biggest task before me. I collected the data online and arranged it according to my preference. I came across various universities providing the course and those were-UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND, FLINDERS UNIVERSITY and UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA etc. After going through the profiles of these course providers I finalized University of Queensland because of many reasons which included their course structure. The university provided the beautiful blend of International relations and International law. I believe the former to be a theory oriented discipline and latter to be practice focused segment and their blend together.

Another very interesting factor which I wish to mention here is about the inclusion of Asian Pacific studies and I am keen to get my hands on some of the mesmerizing research work done in this field. My chosen course provider is one of Australia’s leading research institutions, ranked in the world’s top 100 by the Times Higher Education rankings (THES).

The university’s outstanding 236,000-plus alumni include a Nobel laureate, company CEOs, an Academy Award winner, and leaders in government, law, science, public service and the arts. UQ is the largest university in Queensland, Australia, and has been educating people to create change for a better world for more than a century and was really affordable on financial parameters too…

I am enrolled in Masters of International relations/ Masters in International law program which is offered by the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences which targets to educate about the areas like- International Relations of the Asia- Pacific, Critical Security Studies, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy, Refugees, Asylum Seekers and the Law: Rights and Realities etc. I have already acquired the knowledge about civil practices and commercial regulations and now the final step is to gain progressive knowledge of and the aids to exercise the legal rules that operate within specific arenas that drop in the broad understanding about International Law along with security, transnational threats, business and human rights. My sole dream is to be an International Lawyer and doing this program can help me realize my objective.


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