What to include in UG SOP

If you are applying for an undergraduate course abroad, chances are, the university has asked you to provide a statement of purpose or a personal statement. Irrespective of what they call it, the task for you is to provide to the university your life’s story and motivations on a piece of paper. While all students have to provide a statement of purpose (irrespective of which form it is asked), the fact remains that students planning to study bachelor course are often confused about what all to write. We would help you decipher the same.

There are many things which you can include in your statement of purpose. It is important to remember that there is no set rule that necessitates you including all of the following things in your SOP. As we have discussed in how to write a SOP for UG courses, it is important to keep in mind the chronology. While you might have a rich list of events you might want to include in your SOP, it is important to ensure that you do not exceed the stipulated word limit. Also, remember, your SOP is not a copy of your resume in a paragraph. Keep it narrative and you cannot go wrong. Here is what all you must include in your statement of purpose:

1. Expectations from the program
Statement of Purpose, primarily, is a document that talks about your purpose for undertaking the course. However, it is not a document that would talk about how you wish to die and at what position. What they wish to understand is the purpose behind your decision to pursue the course you have chosen for yourself. What is important for an undergraduate to understand is that you must write about why you wish to take up the course.

2. Academic Achievements
This is a rather important aspect of your SOP. You must also include your academic achievements and not list them in the manner you do in your resume but talk about how you achieved that. SOP should talk about the journey more than the results as the results can be seen in the academic transcripts submitted. What they wish to understand is how you look at your academic achievements.

3. Co-scholastic activities

You must have participated in a lot of activities during your school days and must have listed all of them down in your resume as well. You must mention them in your SOP as well. The only difference would be the reason why you wish to include a particular activity. It would be advisable to shortlist the activity that adds value to your personality. There are a lot of extracurricular activities that you can include in your SOP. Refer to our quick list to find out how to write about your extra-curricular activities in your SOP.

4. Subjects & Motivations behind them

It is important to mention the subjects you have studied, why you liked them in particular and how they would motivate/ help your further studies. Remember it is not necessary that you would talk about only the subject that you intend to study. If you can correlate two subjects, it would be much better.

It is important to note that more than what all you can include in the SOP for a UG Application, we need to be more clear on what all not to include in a SOP for UG courses. SOP for UG courses are essentially different from SOP for MS or SOP for MBA courses and provide a different line of thought. It can be more self-indulgent and talk more about the personal motivations and aspirations. Also, unlike the SOP for Master’s programs, an SOP for UG programs often don’t have any clear definitive goals. They are aspirational and talk about what motivates them but never really talk about a short term or a long term goal. So, understand what all you can include, understand what all you should not include in the SOP for UG courses and writing the SOP would not be a problem at all.

5. Projects Undertaken

If you have undertaken any training or any project work during your school years, you must mention the same. The same applies for any summer workshops or small summer jobs, if you were able to pick up some learning for the same.


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